Fine Japanese Restaurant​​

Salt is arguably the most important flavor,

especially in a simple, execution-focused cuisine like Omakase.


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Closed on Wednesdays
(Pick-Up/Delivery by 9:00pm)
206 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94103

Mins Group has successfully offered a fixed tasting through Sushi Hon, and a creative Korean touch through Sushi Ondo at the start of this year. Sushi Shio's purpose is to expand on the guest-oriented aspect of Omakase, providing a conversation-guided tasting that is customized to taste.

Chef Alex Kim, the stellar talent guiding Sushi Hon, will be sourcing the best product from Japan and providing the most apt platform for delivering it to the Omakase guest. Chef Kim will be leveraging the strengths of his experienced team, including Leoh, his beverage director.

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206 Valencia St., San Francisco CA 94103   l   415.529.1030


206 Valencia St., San Francisco CA 94103   l   415.529.1030